Dear Readers, It’s Your Turn to Talk

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“If you’re not okay, you might as well not pretend you are, especially since life has a way of holding us down until we utter that magic word: help! That’s when angels rush to your side.” ~Glennon Doyle 


I’m going to go ahead and admit it: I’m stuck. Sometimes it’s like that.

One minute you’re moving forward at breakneck speed, and the next minute you’re stuck in the wet sand.

One month ago I had more post ideas than I knew what to do with. Today I look at the leftovers from that list and just can’t get excited about developing them.

Last July I committed to opening to the flow of whatever words wanted to come through me. Not much came at first. I simply sat at my desk every morning for 1 hour and put pen to paper. Eventually that stream of consciousness morphed into a memoir outline and a few starter chapters. Next came this blog with the intention of using it as a sounding board for what resonates with my readers.

I’ve heard from a few of you, usually in a private forum, because the responses to my writing are often personal and sensitive. Those communications have meant the world to me and give purpose to what I do.

I’ve also been surprised that I don’t always hear from people who are just like me. I’ve heard from men, women without children, married moms, and single moms in very different circumstances than me. So what I’d like to know to help me move forward is: what about my story or my writing resonates with you? Do you have a favorite post that especially hit home for you? Many of you know me personally and not just through the blog. Do you relate to a part of my story that I haven’t shared in writing yet? Is there something you wish I would talk more about?

Asking for help is not my forte, but I think it’s time. If you have an insight you feel led to share, please comment below or email me privately at melissa dot gopp at gmail dot com.

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