We’re On the Move to BlueVenusRising.com

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The women at the dot com version of WomanSpeak are doing some amazing things with the WomanSpeak brand. So to avoid confusion, I’m taking the opportunity to move what we’ve created over the past year and evolve into something bigger.

We're On The Move

Over the coming weeks you’ll be seeing some changes at WomanSpeak.org. Most importantly, we’re moving to BlueVenusRising.com.

Why Blue Venus Rising?

Just like WomanSpeak, Blue Venus Rising is all about raising the feminine voice—except now we have a gender neutral name! You’re probably already aware that Venus represents all things feminine. In photographs, the planet Venus often appears blue—the same color as the fifth chakra energy center located at the throat.

I like to look at these wheel-shaped energy centers called chakras from ancient Indian thought as another way to think about what’s happening in the body and the mind. The blue, fifth chakra that inspired Blue Venus Rising is the seat of communication, finding your voice, and self-expression. It’s basic needs are to speak and be heard. And that’s really what we’ve been all about from the very beginning of WomanSpeak.org.

What I Need from You

If you aren’t already a blog subscriber, sign up here to keep in touch. Other than that, please be patient as I stumble proudly forward through this transition. I’m taking a break from creating new posts as I work to smooth out the inevitable kinks.

As always, thanks for reading and taking part in the storytelling community I’m striving to manifest.

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