As a writer, I believe words have an inherent energy and power to heal. Here are a few that have spoken to me on my journey. Read and be inspired!

You own everything that happened to you. Tell your stories. If people wanted you to write warmly about them, they should have behaved better.

~Anne Lamott

Write hard and clear about what hurts.

~Ernest Hemingway

Even when she slept, she tossed and turned and squirmed, like she was secretly a hurricane forced into a girl-body and told to exist as best she could among people who had no idea what it meant to secretly be a weather pattern.

~Seanan McGuireSource: A Red-Rose Chain

There is nothing you can put out there that is truly your own. The more personal you get, the more universal it becomes. The deeper you go into yourself, the more everybody else can see themselves in you. And so you realize that you can be seen because there’s nothing freaking unique about you.

~Glennon Doyle MeltonSource: Magic Lessons, episode 209

At times, your own life’s movement resembles a brush fire: quick, destructive, and painful. Surrender to the fire, for after the fire is REBIRTH!


Some days I felt full of rage. Like a caged animal prowling around the house, the walls pressing on me to keep me in. I raged. 'This isn’t the life I ever thought I would be living.' I raged. 'I never wanted this.' I paused. 'So what do you want? If you can create it from here, what do you want?'

~Samantha SutherlandSource: Quickening, Fall 2015


Any information revealed on about people whose lives have intersected with my own is shared in the spirit of helping myself and others to connect and heal. I recognize that their memories of the events described on this site are different than my own. This site is not intended to hurt anyone. I regret any unintentional harm resulting from the publishing of my stories and others on
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